Dino Athanassiou
Dino Athanassiou

Live action / animation / CGI Movies

The Voyage of Dr. Dolittle

2020, Post Vis Lead story Artist, Voyage Productions LTD / Universal Pictures 


2019, Lead Story Artist, Sunlit/ Disney

Artemis Fowl

2019, Lead Story Artists, Time Freeze Productions Limited/ Disney

Mowgli: The legend of the Jungle

2018, Lead Story Artist, Rock Lock Films/ Warner Bros/ Netflix

Kiss me First

2018, Head of Story, Netflix/ Channel 4 / Axis Animation

Hunger Games

2012, Animation Director, Storyboards, Design, gross worldwide box-office: 694 mln USD, Lionsgate 

Attack the Block

2011, Design Development, Rough Guide Animation, Double negative

Prince of Persia, Sands of Time

2010, Lead Story Artist. Concept Designs, Disney / Double Negative

Sorcerer’s apprentice

2010, Lead Story Artist, Concept Designs, Disney/ Double Negative 

Animated movies


animation feature - in development, Director, Storyboard/Designs Production design, Stardust Pictures 

Sherlock Gnomes

2018, Story Artist, August Street Films/ Paramount Pictures

Peter Rabbit

2016, Episodic director on 56 x 11 minute episodes on series two, CG Series CBBC, Nick Junior and Silvergate Media/Brown Bag Films


2011, Series Director, designs and storyboards, tv series CBBC/ Creative Media Ventures

Gnomeo and Juliet

2011, Storyboarding, Pointy Hat Productions/Miramax

Alex (stage show) with projected, animated elements

2009, Animation Supervisor, The Stage Play Limited

The Tale of Despereaux

2008, Storyboarding, Universal

Thomas and Friends

2008, Series Animation Direction - Dino Athanassiou Animation Direction/Designs/Storyboards Series 12, Responsible for introducing CG - Elements to the live action model shoot. Creating a new Hybrid of animation and live action, HIT Entertainment/Channel 5/Nitrogen Studios

Peter & The Wolf (Oscar 2008 for Short Animated Film)

2007, Lead Story Artist, Breakthru Films

Happily, N’ever After (animation feature film, producer John Williams, Shrek

2006, Animation Director, Vanguard / BFC

Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were Rabbit

2005, Additional storyboarding, Aardman Studio/ DreamWorks SKG


2005, Storyboarding, DreamWorks

Shark Tale

2004, Storyboarding, DreamWorks

Sindbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

2003, Sequence Producing/Direction - Storyboarding, Animation and Clean-up, DreamWorks

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

2002, Sequence Producing/Direction Animation - Storyboarding, Animation and Clean-up, DreamWorks

The Road to El Dorado

2000, Sequence Producing/Direction Animation - Storyboarding, Animation and Clean-up, DreamWorks

Thorgal – animation series 

Supervising storyboarding, Character designs

M.D.I. Productions, Paris

Rugrats the movie 

1998, Storyboarding, Layouts, Animation poses, Klasky Csupo, Nickelodeon

Space Jam, animation & live action cast: Michael Jordan

1996, Sequence director, storyboarding, designs and leica reel, animation, clean up FX, Warner Bros 

All Dogs go to Heaven II

1989, Animation Direction (13’), Script Consultant, Storyboarding / Designs, Animation, clean up and FX, M.G.M. California

The legends of Treasure Island 2, animated series 13x 22 

1996, Series Direction, Dino Athanassiou/ Simon Ward Horner Developing and producing animated tv series; including scripts, voice direction, designs, storyboards, music and post production, Howling Wolf Productions ltd

Tom Thumb and Thumbelina 

2002, Sequence direction, storyboarding, Designs and Timings, Miramax, Hyperion Studio

Asterix and Big Fight

1998, Animation, Gaumont Productions, Paris

Jetsons / Johnny Quest – tv series 

1998, Animation Director, training and supervising animators in Philippines, Hanna Barbra, Philippines

Alvin and the Chipmunks 

Animator, Bagdasarian Productions, USA / Korea

The B.F.G. feature film 

1987, Lead Animator, Cosgrove Hall/ Manchester

Asterix and Caesar

1985, Lead Animator, Gaumont Productions, Paris


Peter Rabbit

2015 and 2016 nominated for an Emmy Award for outstanding episodic direction

The legends of Treasure Island 2, animated series 13x 22 

1996, British Animation Awards for Children’s choice for best series


Dino Athanassiou is an Animation Director in the classic Hollywood tradition of “rich character performance”, both traditionally and computer animated.  Dino has built a reputation for creating world-class designs, storyboarding, and theatrical animation for the US majors. His work includes sequence direction, animation and clean up for DreamWorks, Direction, Design, Storyboard, Leica Reel, Animation, Clean up and FX for Warner Bros.


Besides direction, design and storyboard work, Dino also is heavily involved in live action, working for companies such as Double Negative – on Disney / Jerry Bruckheimer’s live action blockbusters Prince of Persia (budget 200 Mill. USD), Sorcerer’s Apprentice (budget 150 Mill USD).  In 2011 Dino completed directing the CG Animation on Lionsgate’s Hunger Games (694 Mill. USD box office; 78 Mill. USD budget) supervising the main climatic sequences in the film.


Dino was also responsible for completing the episodic direction on 56 x 11 shows on the 2nd season of award-winning CGI series Peter Rabbit, for which he got 2 EMMY Award nominations for outstanding direction in an animated tv series program.  He won a BAA for directing The Treasure Island – children tv series in 1996.


Dino has experience working on production budgets in the range from 5 Mill. USD – 250 Mill USD.


The latest project he was working on was Disney’s Aladdin (Dir. Guy Ritchie) where Dino was lead story artist on the sequence “friend like me”. Film is in post-production currently; the premiere is in 2019. 

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